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Welcome to the
Budget Tracking System

What is BTS?

Budget Tracking System is a budgeting software, based on the needs of the mayor colleges to help them to keep tracking the Grants, bringing together everything from Projects, Budgets, Contracts, Expenses and Balances.


We know that budgeting might seem overwhelming, keeping tracking of your budgets, contracts, invoices, payments is important but also exhausting. 


Budget tracking system is an essential tool if you want to see where all the money goes.   Here you can manage your money and so much more, like have better control on the due dates for payments, getting a visual interface for all your budgets, choosing by projects.


Budget Tracking System can help you to don’t overspending, the intuitive interface will show your budgets, you will be able to track progress more easily and direct your attention where needed.


Set up your next budget and keep track of the progress as easy sit back and relax.  

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