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Envision Education helps nursing students through the process from proper state application, to study materials for the NNAAP State test, to registration for the state exam!

CNA Testing

1. Envision Education is a test site for the NNAAP.


2.  Complete a NNAAP application and a $100.00 money order to  Regional Testing Center available at

3.  The day of the state test, make sure to bring a matching, non-expired photo ID and SS card along with copy of approval from state to test (283B or DHS99/CDPH99).


4. Practice the written and skills portion before taking test. Practice written test and a list of all skills are available free at Click on NNAAP and MACE exams and then click on NNAAP.

Challenge for your CNA

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on California. Familiarize yourself with the Candidate Fact Sheet, the Candidate Handbook and the NNAAP practice exam.​


5. Come to day of test prepared to stay length of day, wear uniform or scrubs. No one else may come to test site but tester.

Did you know if you successfully pass the first term of your LVN or RN program, you may be eligible to challenge the State of CA to take the CNA certification test?

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