Our Mission

Our Mission at Envision Education is to provide quality education that engages learners to value lifelong learning and increase the potential for growth and success to individuals, groups and organizations. 

Our Services
Envision Education uses adult learning principles, educational theories, research, technology and experience from seasoned educators to produce an environment conducive to individual success by providing training and certifications (American Heart Association).   Envision Education provides workforce development through contract education directly with business, county, state agencies.  

About Us

Business Philosophy

Envision Education has an eclectic business philosophy and believes the following are important in building a successful company:
  • Showing Respect for our all employees and clientele.
  • Building Trust with employees and clientele.
  • Conducting business with Integrity and reasonable Fairness.
  • Taking Responsibility for our actions.
  • Providing educational services of the highest Quality.
  • Focusing on Productivity and Creativity at every level of the business.
  • Using sound Judgment, Research and Vision in decision-making.
  • Creating an atmosphere that promotes Engagement, Humor and Fun can increase all aspects of success.
  • Being Student-centered business.Finding and hiring dependable employees can be exhausting. We'll simplify and develop a hiring process that you can count on.       

Educational Philosophy

Envision Education blends adult learning theory, social constructivism pedagogy, constructionism and Carl Roger’s Learner-Centered Model to guide the business in respect to education.  Envision Education believes the following:

The nature of the learning process:
Each person innately has a desire and motivation to grow and reach their full potential.  Each person has their own style of learning that is influenced by life experiences and culture.  Each person is unique in their abilities and their needs in learning.    

The ideal learning environment:
Multiple teaching styles are used to meet a wide range of student learning styles. Creativity, innovation and technology are utilized to make education assessible, interactive and engaging. Independence, self-motivation and self-direction of the learner are highlighted.

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