Programs / Classes

American Heart Association

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)

  • HeartSaver CPR

  • First Aide

  • CPR / AED

  • Director of Staff Development (DSD)


  • Advanced Cardiac Care


  • Advanced Physical Assessment


  • Ventilator Technician for Nurses


  • Emotional Intelligence


  • Utilizing Emotional Intelligence in


  • Communication​


  • Alzheimer's and Dementia Course (Mandatory for Certified Dementia Practitioner Status)

Customer Service Academy

  • Communication in the Workplace

    • ​Communication is a key to customer service success.

  • Customer Services

    • ​Explore key skills and attitudes necessary to effectively meet the customer's need.

  • Team Building

    • ​Working as a team can increase productivity

  • Attitude in the Workplace

    • ​​The right attitude has a positive impact on the workplace.

  • Values and Ethics

    • ​​Ethical behavior affects what happened in the workplace.

  • Stress Management

    • ​Did you know 1 million Americans call in sick because of stress related reasons?

  • Time Management

    • ​The way we manage our time has an impact on our ability to get things done.

  • Conflict Resolution

    • ​Conflict gets in the way of good business.

  • Decision Making and Problem Solving

    • ​Learn decision making styles, processes and techniques.

  • Managing Organizational Change

    • ​We face constant change in the workplace.

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