What's in a face?

Do you regularly have people ask you, "Are you okay?", "Are you mad?", or "What's wrong?", before you even start a conversation...then you have it. And IT is not good. A student once told me that she was at home doing homework and her parents walked in and said, "Honey, what's WRONG?", quite concerned. The student was surprised, as nothing was wrong. She replied, "Nothing, why?". They said in unison, "Then notify your face!" Then went on to explain that their first impression from her facial expression was that something tragic had happened!

Everything lies in your facial expressions. Your relationships, your career, your success, your own happiness and satisfaction. It all starts with your face. Think about your experience with others... as you walk by someone in the hallway, as you think about approaching your boss, or even your significant other...the first thing you do is look at their facial expression (and body language). If they look worried, mad or upset, it is unlikely that you approach them.

Self-awareness is the first step of Emotional Intelligence and if you have the mental/psychological capacity to self-regulate (it is different for those who lack the mental capacity for this, whether genetic, disease or trauma related), then self-awareness is a skill. If you don't practice specific steps, your self-awareness doesn't grow and this can be detrimental to you. And it starts with your face.

Tip to increase your Facial Self-Awareness:

1. "Mindfully" practice building awareness on what your facial expressions are.

For more information on mindfulness visit:


2. Put a mirror in your cubicle, workstation, etc. so that you can keep track of what you look like. Persons trained in hospitality use this trick! For more information on this visit:


3. Practice smiling. Even when no one is around, practice smiling! For more information on

benefits of smiling visit:



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