Emotional Intelligence

Back in 1994, a new theory emerged called Emotional Intelligence also called EI or EQ, for emotional quotient. This is, in my opinion the single most important skill of all time for someone to be successful. Successful in career, relationships, community, you name's so important that research shows that it is the single biggest predictor of success in the workplace.

High Emotional Intelligence skills allow you to be happier and healthier too!

What IS emotional intelligence?

It's a set of skills that include:



Social Awareness

Relationship Management


The thing I like most about EI is that it is a skill set. That means anyone can learn it...we can all do better and continue to gain more EI. If we couldn't do anything about it, it would be no fun!

How to increase your EI

The first step is to become more self-aware. How do you do that? I will give you hints as we go along, but for now, try to determine how you feel...what is your mood. Right now. Yes, right now. Write down at least 6 emotions/moods that you are feeling right now. If you cannot do that, your first activity would be to practice. All humans experience at least 6 emotions all at the same time. If you have trouble finding the words for your emotions, there are many 'emoticon' or 'faces' charts as well as lists of emotions. There are over 3,000 English words that can be used to describe emotions...the most common 18 are below. What others can you identify?

EI is all about emotions. Identification, labeling, finding the source of, then determining on purpose to act or not act dependent on those emotions. Sorting out the myriad of emotions that we have that changes every 6 seconds. That is the first skill of EI.

Add emotional words to the comments below or ask questions and I will respond.

Take a notepad with you or use your "Notes" section of your phone and 3-4 times a day, take 10 seconds to write down your emotions. Over time, this list should get longer and longer as you learn to differentiate your emotions.

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