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I would like to introduce myself and my company to you.  My name is Wendy Deras and I am the President and owner of Envision Education, LLC.    I have been in healthcare education for over 20 years in all levels from vocational/technical training to University programs.  I have not only taught at all levels, I have also developed curriculum, assessed and evaluated programs and developed remediation programs for healthcare students.  I have two master’s degrees, one in Nursing Education and one in Psychiatric Mental Health Therapy.  I also hold the National League of Nursing Certificate as a Certified Nurse Educator.  In addition I am a Certified Dementia Practitioner.

I have found one basic principle of education to hold true and that is the most important part of a program is the foundation. The foundation of a program is the curriculum.  The curriculum should be a dynamic, living entity, changing with the students, the faculty, accrediting bodies and the professions.  I have found that most institutions understand it takes a solid curriculum to initiate and accredit a program, but then the curriculum is not revisited again until it is mandated by an outside agency.  This often results in a short amount of time to correct a large problem.  When curriculum is treated with a proactive response rather than reactive, it does leads to successful outcomes.  

Updates to rules, regulations and mandates must be integrated, while old practices deleted and new ones woven into the structure.  I can offer education through live and interactive presentations that provides the tools needed to develop a program/curriculum review, initiate that process and continually evaluate it.  I am also available to assist in new program development and accreditation as well as updates to current curricula.

If you feel my services would be of assistance to your school, I can be contacted and contracted directly by email or phone.  I am able to offer BRN continuing education units for presentations.  

For a list of classes/programs that are already established and available, click here.

President, Envision Education, LLC

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